Learn the Art of Sand Bottles: Master Creativity and Income Generation



Discover the joy of learning and mastering the art of sand bottles. This course offers an opportunity to become an artist and explore the possibility of turning this unique art into a second source of income. With patience, creativity, and flexible hands, you can create amazing sand art and even teach others. Join us on this artistic journey and unleash your creative potential.

:Course Overview

:In numbers

Skill level: all levels
english language
Lectures: 10

Video: 1.5 hours of comprehensive instruction

:Course features

It is accessible on iOS and Android platforms
Convenient learning schedule with reminders

:What you will learn

In addition to mastering the art of sand bottles, this course will provide you with different skills and opportunities. You will be recognized as an artist, and sand glass art can become a lucrative second job, adding to your income. Through this creative art form, you will feel good, develop teaching abilities, and improve your hand skills. The versatility of sand bottle art allows you to create wherever you are.

:Course Requirements

This course is designed as an introductory level for individuals who have a genuine interest in learning this unique art form. No need for prior experience.

:Who should join

This course is open to everyone without exception. Whether you are a beginner or you already have some technical background, you can join and benefit from this course.


Meet Ali, an experienced professional in the Tourism Directorate of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. With a diploma in tourism and a master’s degree in open water diving, Ali brings a wealth of knowledge and a variety of hobbies, including football, basketball, scuba diving and fishing. He has a history of shark hunting and has the ability to teach various crafts, including the art of sand bottles.


Unleash your artistic potential and explore the world of sand bottle art. This course offers a comprehensive learning experience that will transform you into an artist while providing additional income opportunities. Join our course and embark on a creative journey that enhances your skills, unleashes your creativity and enables you to share your passion with others.


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